Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A World of Silence

I want to live a day of dominated silence

A day of overcastting quietness.

Escape the world noise.

Avoid painful criticizing swords.

A world where all I can hear is the sound of my steps.

Where I can shout out my thoughts without any regrets.   
Rip all the maps people had drawn for my future.                                                

To stop feeling like I am a controlled creature.

To see the world from my view not through people's eyes.

To make my own decisions and learn how to take a decisive stands.

Because I want to color my life with my own crayons.

And to have faith in myself which will help me carry on.


  1. i wish that could happened !

  2. Awesome poem! I know now you don't think you have any say in the decisions of your life, but you will have lots of time being in charge of you life later. Enjoy your time now. I know it's easy for me to say that, I make my own decisions. :-) I love the imagery you have created in this poem.

  3. -massa- I really enjoyed when i read it. that amazing to think like this and i hope for you to achieve every thing you want. keep going. you can do it. :):)

  4. nice poem masa ! i liked the last 2 lines :)

  5. That is so touching I like quitness
    The best thing in the world is to stay alone and calm ..
    really great writinh
    Thank you for sharing Masa

  6. "Escape the world noise" is my favorite line! There are times in each of our lives when we want to escape the world; maybe ponder life and what it holds for us. I hope that your quiet times allow you to move forward in "coloring your own life."

  7. I really like it its a intersting story

  8. This is very powerful writing. You have communicated so much about yourself in so few words. Thank you for sharing. May you find your quiet space always.


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