Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring is my favorite season from the four seasons. I love it so much, because it come after winter , and it give alive  for everything  after  the winter killed  all the flowers, trees, and grass etc. when spring start, everything  start with beautiful and new life, full of clean air, and the flower’s beautiful smell, beside seeing the tree’s green leaves. That doesn't just for the plants and trees. That can be for human and animals too, both of them start with new fresh life. The most thing I like in spring is the smell which coming of the soil, I’m enjoying by smelling this beautiful smell. It’s really amazing season. I’m happy that spring is coming.



  1. Areej, I too love spring. I really like walking around the neighborhood to see all the flowers coming up, and seeing life around me after a long winter. Are you feeling a bit more alive now that spring is here?

    1. yes. sure that's really amazing to see a beautiful things like these things.

  2. Since I got here, all I've witnessed is snow! I would sure enjoy some sunny days and flowers. You have visualized spring beautifully in your words.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sure every body like spring. because it's amazing. :) :)


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