Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Remember

I remember my last day in Palestine.
I remember the tears in my eyes
I remember the last view of Palestine in my eyes
I remember my 3 days in Jordan that I spend with Mohamed
I remember the fights that I and Mohamed had
I remember my first minute in America
I remember all of my uncials waiting for us at the airport
I remember first time seeing new cousins    
I remember new language, new friends and new cousins.
I need a car as fast as a light
I need a car that doesn't waste a lot of gas
I need a cheap car for middle class people
I need a car that has technology
I need a big house for all of my family
I also need a big garage for my car

I want to go to Palestine
I want to see my family and friends
I want to visit all the places that I missed
I want to see my grandpa’s grave
I want to visit my old house that I became Yahya in
I also want to visit my old school and see all of my teachers and friends.



  1. Yahya - your poem is very moving. I cannot imagine all the emotions you went through when you left Palestine and came to America. I hope you go back to visit in the future!
    Chris (Readsomuch)

  2. It must have been really hard to leave everything familiar behind and move to a new country. I am glad you had your uncles here already. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. i like the repetition on the poem

  4. To move on with your life doesn't mean that you forget the past. Memories are created to keep us connected to that past.I hope you can see Palestine soon .

  5. Yahya It touched my heart !!
    I can assure you that most hardest thing in the world is to leave everything behind your back and move on !!
    I hope someday you will go back and see your family and friends ..

  6. yahya that's verey nice to remember these things. you had amazing days. and I hope for you to acieve every thing you want. :):)


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