Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Grandmother

When I was little kid my grandmother would play with me and give me games to play with. I go to my grandmother house every weekend. I go with my grandmother to shop. I go to swim and I go to the park with my family to make barbecue and we play in the park. After I eat I go to the mall to shop with my family, and I go after this to the home to do my homework.

-Mohammed A.-


  1. Mohamed, I really liked learning more about your grandmother. Do you have a favorite thing or game to play with your grandmother?

  2. I really love my grandmother too she always play with me and give me candy i love my grandmother

  3. my bro I know she's amazing. just with you. because she loves you. I'm joking I love her too. I miss her so much I hope to see her soon.


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