Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunny Day

Yesterday it was a sunny day
It’s in the middle of May
We are going to cedar point
With brothers and cousins
We leave home at 8 A.M
And get home at 7 P.M
I ride most of the rides
Like power tower and dragster
I get dizzy and start walking like a drunk man
We go eat after riding scary rides
Then get home and
Wanting to sleep
Until my birthday in July


  1. I never knew cedar point open on may great job

  2. It was really nice to have a sunny day after all this snow. And Cedar point would be a great use of that day.Nice story Yahya.

  3. I love sunny days
    I really want to go to Cedar point !!

  4. I love Cedar Point! It's only about 2.5 hours away from our town, so we love going there. My favorite roller coaster there is the Raptor. I love how it feels like you're flying through the air! :-)

    -- Mrs. M (

  5. My question is, do you get to go to Cedar Point again on your birthday? I have to admit that the only things I like at Cedar Point are the water rides. Wait a minute, do they still have them???

  6. I think it was really amazing sunny day for you -Yahaya-. I wish to have sunny day like that I really like it... :):)


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