Friday, March 1, 2013

A tear, A smile, And the Guitar

A tear, A smile, And the Guitar

Sam was playing his acoustic guitar in his room; it was dark, with only one candle lightening the room. He was playing a song called Romance by Jeux Interdits. He was playing with all his emotions, every string he plucked, every note he played, he felt it.

When Sam is upset because of anything, as soon as he returns back to his home, he goes to his room, closes the door, turns the light off and starts playing.

He started playing guitar when he was ten years old that means twenty years ago. Ever since his passion about guitar became restless, guitar became his life.

When Sam finished the song he closed his eyes, and the seconds became hours, his breath whispered with a steady rhythm, his left hand still hanging on the fretting neck, ready to play the notes, and his right hand ready to pluck the strings.

As he opened his eyes, he felt nothing and everything at the same time, he only felt his heart beat.
He hugged the guitar as if he would hug a baby, as if he wanted to hug him so tight but he didn't want to hurt him.

Sam felt a tear coming out of his right eye followed by a smile.

Sam stood up and placed the guitar on the wall, blew up the candle, and lay on his bed, with one tear and a smile; he finally slept.



  1. Zafer, this is a really nice piece. I could really feel Sam's emotions as I was reading this.

  2. Wow Zafer! I am truly impressed by your writing! Such detail and creativity packed into such a short piece :)

  3. Zafer, what a story! It really shows how our passions could have such impact and guide us through life. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  4. Impressive Zafer !!
    I really liked your story ..

  5. Thank you all guys for the comments, I appreciate your support :) -Zafer

  6. nice zafer .... I like it .... :) :)

  7. Zafer,
    I'm impressed with your writing. I didn't know you were so familiar with the guitar, do you play? I knew musicians in high school that would relate to this story.
    Ms. Smith


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