Monday, February 25, 2013

What are your thoughts about grammar?

You need a subject and verb.
If you want details
try adding an adjective or two;
but if you do, don't forget the order:
interesting, small, ancient, round, green, Asian, bamboo box.
You wan to sound smart, don't you.
And if time or frequency is what you need,
try an adverb;
they are your friends.
But determine which one it is
as their place in a sentence is often different.
Are you still with me?
Maybe you feel adventurous, and want to combine two sentences;
check the FANBOYS; they will always help you.
Argh! Couldn't there be just one simple rule to follow?
No, because you need a correct place 
even for the interjections.
Now that your sentence is mostly done,
think about punctuation.
Did you ask? command? or just make a statement.
Did you quote, "my teacher always taught us this way?"
And remember to put the end punctuation before the quotation mark?
What about the dashes and hyphens?
Wonder if even your teacher has mastered them......
Maybe, maybe not, but my teacher sure knows
how to use those editing marks! 
They must be her best friends, as she sure spends a lot of time with them.
Hmm, maybe I need some new friends??
-Mrs. T-


  1. i really like it! Mrs.Terhune,you should keep going

    1. Thanks Salah! I am looking forward to your post!

  2. This is interesting and I like the vocabulary in the poem.

  3. I really like it and i'm looking foward to it

  4. mmmmmmm .... it's really nice Mrs.


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