Monday, April 22, 2013

What is going on with Friar John?

What could Friar John have done to make sure that Romeo got the letter on time?
Is there anything that someone else could have done better?

Also, how would the story have changed, if Romeo had received the letter on time?

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    1. It's all started when Friar Lawrence gave the latter to Friar John. But the problem is that Friar John did not give the letter to romeo. Friar Lawrence should of gave the latter to romeo's servant. So instead of giving him the wrong new which is the juliet died he would gave him the latter. If that all happened Romeo and Juliet wouldn't be dead they couldn't of seeing each other. But in the end they wouldn't kill themselves anyway.

  2. Friar John could not send the letter to Romeo that Friar Lawrence gave it to him, and he could not done anything to make sure that the Romeo got the letter. Friar john could not give the letter to Romeo and no one would give to romeo on the time.
    If Friar John gave the letter to Romeo that would make a big change in the story. because the letter has important information to Romeo. So, if Romeo knew these information he would not kill Paris, and then kill him self. If Romeo knew the information that the letter has Juliet would died too. So, I hope if Friar John could give the letter to Romeo that will make the story better.

  3. Since Friar John couldn't get out of the sealed doors house,he should've give the letter to another man,so he can go to Mantua and deliver the letter to Romeo.
    If Friar John did that Romeo would know that Juliet is not dead she is only escaping from her wedding and he would also be sure that Juliet is waiting for him.
    If Romeo knew that Juliet is not really dead he would not kill him self and save that love.

  4. friar john couldn't deliver the message because Friar John was kept in quarantine because of the plague in his house.
    if friar john didn't go home until he make sure that he deliver the letter to romeo, or if he could give it to another man to deliver it.
    and no there is nothing that anyone could do better than friar john because he never knew what will happen. if he knew about all of this and could deliver the letter to romeo, he wouldn't kill him self because he will know that Juliet is alive, obviously Juliet as well wont kill her self if romeo was alive, and it will end to be a love story with a happy ending.

  5. Because Friar John was quarantined while visiting the sick, and couldn't make it all the way to Mantua, the message couldn't be delivered. I think the friar could've sent the letter with someone else to get it to Romeo. If Romeo had received the letter, he would've known that Juliet is not dead, and he wouldn't kill him self to be with her.But in the other hand, if Romeo had got the letter and knew that Juliet is not dead, the feud between the two families could never end.

  6. If he send the letter romeo would have killed himself, him and Juliet would've lived a better life. why he couldn't send the letter because friar john couldn't deliver the message because Friar John was kept in quarantine because of the plague in his house.

  7. Frair John got sick and that caused him to stay at home all the time and he couldn't give the letter to Romeo. He had a chance to give it to Romeo via Romeo's servent. If Romeo got the letter he was going to go and get juliet from the tomb then they will live a very and beautiful life.

  8. frair john didn't give romeo the letter because he was late on his way. if he gave him the letter he would wait until Juliet wake up then get her the get married the have a good life.


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