Sunday, April 7, 2013

Romeo and Juliet Part I

From Zeffirelli's film: Romeo and Juliet

Here is a question for you:

If you had to choose to be either Romeo or Juliet, which one would you be and why?

In the comment section, leave your response. Well crafted responses could earn extra credit 

Your answer is due by Monday morning 8 am (on April 8, 2013).


  1. For me I would rather be Juliet; the beautiful, intelligent and determined character despite her young age.Though her lack of experience and her obedience are apparent in the play, but it's her who set the boundaries of behavior in their relationship. She pledges her commitment before him, and she is the one who suggested their marriage even if it violates the traditions and contrasts with her family wishes .

  2. For me I rather be Romeo because of his kindness and his beautiful hair and his blue eyes. I like the idea of he loves his own enemy. I love the way how he got married in secret. He is smart so I rather be him because if I was him after I get married to my enemy I would kill my self.

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  4. For me I would prefer to be Romeo ,the men who believes in the love from the first sight,who fights for his love no matter what barriers stop him ,popular and handsome,who is risking his life just trying to convince Juliet in his true love ,he wants to disengage from the old traditions and break the rules by marrying Juliet who is his adversary's daughter .

  5. For me I rather be Romeo. Because I think it's good to be from the montague and its amazing to have Juliet.

  6. Congratulations Masa, Salah and Yara! You earned extra credit! MBA, I am sorry but your post was a little late:(


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