Sunday, May 5, 2013

Which character is most like you?

As we say goodbye to Romeo and Juliet and their families, think about yourself in the play: which character is the most like you? Or, if there is not a character that resembles you, create a character for yourself. Make sure that you explain which family you are part of, who are you most close related to, who are your friends, and most importantly: what kind of character you are?
If you were in the play, would you have changed the course of the events? How? Why? What would have been the end result?

Make sure you write your answer in the comment section
by Tuesday, May 7, 2013 11:59 p.m.

Your well crafted comment can be worth up to 10 points. Make sure to check your spelling before submitting your comment.

I look forward to reading your comments.

Mrs. T.


  1. If I were in the play, I would prefer to choose to be Juliet.Because she was a very obedient to her mom ,dad,and the Nurse,even that her parents were always busy ,and they did not see her a lot but there was a strong relationship between them as a family.If I was in the play,Iwould switch the characters between Lady Capulet and Nurse, Because if Juliet's mom had known she would force her to leave Romeo and try to guide her to the right way.If so Romeo and Juliet would have had a chance to announce their forbidden love in public and have a happy ending .

  2. I will choose to be Benvolio. Because he was a very peaceful man. He just wanted to stop any fight that happen between the families. Even that they use to not listen to what he say but he say's the truth. Also the story was going to change if the prince listened to him. What will happen was that the prince will not exile Romeo and Romeo and Juliet will live a happy life and the story will have a happy ending.

  3. i would choose Benvolio we have so much things in common like being very nice and truthful.I would be Montague and that's great because i hate the capulets because they all so ignorant and i dislike that

  4. I would be Mercutio because I always stand up for my friends. And we do have thing in common like being smart mouth. For my best friend i would fight for him even if I get kill for my best friend. Not all the things that he does for live is common. There is lot of thing that me and him don't do the same.

  5. I think a character that would reflects me the most in ROMEO AND Juliet would be Benvolio. A wise and a reasonable man who tries to stay away from problems. A peace-maker as it was shown in the play when he attempts to stop the fight between the servants at the beginning of the play. A loyal friend who always counsels his best friend but though stand beside him whatever he decides to do. For instance: when he tried to drag Romeo out of his love-sickness and advised him to look for other girls. If I had a chance to change the sequence of the events, I would skip the scenes where Romeo was exiled and Juliet was forced to marry Paris, and add a scene where they try to convince the two families with their love and how would they manage to overcome the barriers that block their way to each other.

  6. The character most likely to me is Paris. A young loyal sensitive man, as he tried to do the right thing, but unfortunately no one takes him serious. unlike Romeo who loved Juliet in a secretive way, Paris is clear about what he is going to do in the future, he share his thoughts with Juliet's Parents. What I like about Paris is that he is a reasonable gentleman, he thinks both from his heart and mind, unlike Romeo who thinks only from his heart which leads him to kill Tybalt, Paris, and himself which causes Juliet to suicide.

  7. I think the character that would reflects me in ROMEO AND JULIET is nurse she's talking a lot and she doing things with out thinking she loves every body and trying to help any body specially juliet she helped her a lot for her life and she always looking for make people happy.


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