Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smart Goals for the Last Quarter

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The last quarter of this school year is beginning. There are only 9 and half weeks left!!! Imagine! That means there are only about 47 school days left!  So much can happen in that time.
What are your goals for this last quarter of the school year? Think about what you want to accomplish? Do you need a higher grade this quarter? Do you want to learn any specific skills? If so, what are they? Is there a deadline that you have to meet in order to accomplish these goals?

In the comment section, please write about your SMART goals for this quarter. Look at the graphic above: what does it mean for a goal to be smart? 
After everyone has had a chance to write their goals, let's find a way that we can help each other to meet those goals! If we work together, everyone can succeed!

Please write your goals by Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:59 pm


  1. I wanted to come up with grades. I want to reach the goal that I have mad in the 2nd semester. I did reach my first goal which is to get 3.3. Now my second goal is to reach 3.5 or 3.6. the skill that I really have to practice is reading I have to start reading at home. I have to reach the top by getting all my AR point. When I promise someone I do what ever makes him happy.

  2. I really want to put more effort on class work and assignments ,my goal is to enjoy the As that I would earn, I will have the intention to do everything on time and don't miss a work for any class, try to read more to improve my rerading and writing skills , the last thing I want is to make my ACT score rise for 20 and up , and I'm willing to take an advantage no matter how its going to be hard , but at least I will reach my super goal.

  3. I like this idea to write what we want to do for this quarter. so,sure I want to bush my grades. I want to improve my self because now I'm in high school, and then I will be in college so that mean I have to be focus, listning to my teachers, doing what they're asking me to do. And the most important thing is. I have to study hard, and I have to reading to improve my english. so I hope I will do that. And if I do it I'm sure my teachers will happy for me, and my family will proud of me. that will really make me happy. If I do all of these things I will get better grades I will bush up my grades to A. If I will really do these things I talked about. that's mean I have great grades so that's mean I can go to college with As so with As I can Choose to be Dentist. means I can Achieve my deams. :) :)

  4. My goals for this quarter which is the last one this year , is to raise my overall grade by not missing any more assignment or turning late assignments. I set a goal last week which is to learn the skill of taking smart fast notes! Who wants to read the whole lecture again before one night from the final exam.
    My goal as well is to read faster, this will help me in college.
    I think the S.M.A.R.T goals is why people accomplish them!

  5. To me the major goal is to higher my ACT score to be able to go to the college that I eagerly which is U of M. and ofcourse to raise my overall grade and to be able to read faster so my English would noticeably improve.


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