Sunday, February 17, 2013

12 Days until the Slice of Life 2013 Begins

This is just a reminder to be thinking about what you will be writing for your blog posts.
Thinking about what you have written in the last three weeks. Could you polish a few of those pieces and use them as blog post? Or, have you written something else that you would like to use as your blog post?
Have you ever commented on a post?
If not, please try now, so that I can help you to figure out any issues with commenting.

Remember, we are doing what all writers do--WE WRITE!!!


  1. How about posting short poems that we have made up ?

  2. should i post the ( story , poem , etc.. ) as a comment or there is a special place where we put our posts ?

  3. You need to send the post to me and I will post it.


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