Sunday, June 2, 2013

The End of the Semester

This semester is coming to an end. You have worked hard--or at least attempted to work hard. Now you only have a few days to make sure that everything that you have done and learned this semester, will show in your grades.

Here is your task:

  1. Write what you have learned this semester. Be specific! (Nobody wants to read that you have learned "stuff.") Use academic English, not slang.
  2. What is your next goal in learning English and becoming proficient in all the four domains: listening, reading, writing and speaking?
  3. If you could choose two (2) questions for the final exam, what would they be? (they can be for either class)
       a. you can write two actual questions
       b. you can indicate which two types of questions and about which topics you
          would like to have questions in the final exam

Each of these three questions is worth five (5) points. Therefore, you can earn up to 15 points for this assignment for your 4th hour class. Your deadline is June 5, 2013 11:59 p.m.

Literary TermsConjunctions and Interjections


  1. What I really learned in my first semester in an american school, that there's always a room for improvement no matter what class you are taking or what subject. In math I learned new skills used in solving equations that I've never known earlier this year, also it differs from the way I used to solve equations back home so it's always nice to learn more easier and more practical ways.

    My next aim in learning English is to be able to emerge all the vocabulary that I know in my head into any conversation, and to be able to know the right time to bring up any of those vocabulary words. Besides, I want to be able to write a full and a complete essay whatever prompt I am given.

    If I had a chance to choose two question to be in the exam, I will probably choose a question that asks to indicate the dependent and the independent clauses because for me I think it's going to be an easy 5-point question. A second question would be matching a couple of vocabulary terms with their definitions.

    1. Masa,
      I am really happy that you have realized the importance of vocabulary! I am 100% sure that you will soon be writing fluent essays!

  2. This semester I learned that if you love what you are doing then you going to do your best work. In math I learned how to find the sides, value and area of different geometric shapes.learning this kind of things will help me with my future if I want to be engineer. In English I start learning how to try my best to finish a book and understand it. Also I learned how to make my essays and paragraphs stronger. I wish i can keep improving with my education by my favorite teacher Mrs. Terhune.
    My goal is my dream at the same time. It's to read faster, learn more strong vocabulary, analyse the text fast and understand it fast and I want to be able to use strong vocabulary with my speaking. I want to read fast and reach my goals because it's important for our future in every major.
    If I want to choose two questions to be in the exam, I will choose a question about Romeo and Juliet because we took it long time ago and it's a great story so it should be remembered by the students. The second question will be about the vocabulary on a multiple choice format, because we need more vocabulary to make our language stronger and more understandable.

    1. Mohammed,
      I am glad that you have realized the importance of vocabulary and reading. You have also gone a step further by adding the fact that you need to also analyze the text! Vocabulary questions in the final exam? I can almost guarantee that your wish will come true:)

  3. This semester was my first experience in a new school, I learned a lot of things for example, in math I learned a lot of new vocabulary in math and new methods in solving problems. English was the enormous and the most hard subject for me, because first I had to learn how to speak fluently and gain a lot of knowledge about figurative language and how to write essays.For other classes everything was sort of familiar for me because I have already covered for most of the information.
    In English my goal of learning this language is to be able to hold a conversation without any help, also is to be faster in finding context clues, to write fast, and try to use new vocabulary in a serious conversation.
    For the exam I would choose one question about the figurative language because we practiced it a lot during class so it's kind like extra free points, also I would choose a question from Romeo And Juliet, like a question about the characters or true or false about the consequences of certain thing did happen.

    1. Yara,
      I like the fact that you would choose figurative language for the final exam. I can almost guarantee that your wish will come true:) I look forward to having a conversation with you again next year.

  4. In this semester I learned how to solve equation fast. Last semester It would take my 5 min to do just one equation. Now it would take me 1 min to do an equation. I started learning by know how to plug in the numbers to the formula and then solving it. When I came to high school I thought I wasn't going to survive this. But with my greatest teachers I did better than I did in middle school.

    My goal is spelling. I need to know how to spell big word without asking someone or using the dictionary. Also I have to because faster reader. So next year I don't spend whole month on book. Also in writing, I need to fix my handwriting. I have to improve my grammar lot. And I have to focus on how to pronounce big words.

    The two question that I would but is from Romeo and Juliet, why did romeo killed tybalt? and what was the plan that the friar lawrence told juliet?

    1. Salah,
      I like the fact that you have realized the areas that you need improvement. You have already won half the battle! I also like your second question for the final:)

  5. In this semester i learned a lot of things, for example in English i learned how to write an essay, ( which i never learned overseas ), and we had to read our Ar which helped me to read faster and understand better and stay focus while reading. A good skill that i learned is when i find a word that i didn't understand, i can figure it out by looking at the prefix and suffix and how to word is used in the sentence, which help me to get closer to the meaning of the actual word.

    My next goal in English is to learn more English " expressions " which are used a lot in America, some may not have a literal meaning but they are both used and understood by Americans. As well as to learn more vocabulary and know how to put them in a sentence, and use them in my conversation with other people.

    In our quiz, i would prefer to see question like matching vocab with their meaning, ( based on the word in a sentence ). and if we had a matching question were we have some of the literary terms on one side and sentences ( examples ) on the other side, and we have to match them.

    1. Zafer,
      I am really happy that you have realized the importance of idioms (or expressions) in the English language. Learning more of them will serve you well in the future!

  6. The second semester was easier than the first one, English was easy because there wasn't that much of hard information as the first semester, also because we read Romeo and Juliet which was kind of fun and we learned a lot of things from it too. For math it was not hard but it needed a lot of effort to understand everything, also Biology was hard for me because learning about the nature and animals is not interesting for me, but I tried to understand as far as I could.
    My goal in learning English is to improve from a beginner to a proficient in reading and writing, speaking is improving everyday, I want to improve because I don't want to take ESL classes anymore.
    For the exam, I would choose a question from Romeo and Juliet because it is easy to remember it. Also I would recommend a question to find the definition for a certain word
    also I want to choose a

    1. Yahya,
      I am glad you enjoyed reading Romeo and Juliet. There might be a question about its content in the final:)

  7. in this semester i learned a lot of things that i didn't know before,
    especially in English class. first i want to thank Mrs. Terhune because she taught me a lot of things, for example how to write essay. i didn't know how to write an essay, but i tried and tried to write it by helping Mrs. Trehune to me. and i learned how to use PowerPoint, i knew how to use and how to do presentation on PowerPoint, i used to learn about it back home but i learned a lot of things that i did't know how to do.

    My goal is to able to read and understand what i'm reading, i want to learn more vocabulary and i want to speech English so well, i want to learn more grammar in English, and the most important one i want to write a full and complete essay. i hope i'll be able to do all of these things.

    If I had a chance to choose two question to be in the exam, I will probably choose a question that about ROMEO AND JULIET, because it's the only will be easy for me. i hope you will not get questions about the figurative language. I know you will because we practice to much how to do it but i still not sure that I'm able to do. any way i'll try so hard to do it.

    1. Areej,
      I am glad that you feel that you have learned a lot this semester! You have definitely learned how to use technology tools. That will help you greatly in the future!

  8. I have learned lots of things this year like how to write a full essay with a introduction and body paragraph and to the end a conclusion. Also i have learned the figurative language its amazing how it could help you out. My goal is too learn how to spell the best i could. For the finals my questions would the relationship between romeo and Juliet my second would be how to write a full essay.


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