Saturday, November 30, 2013

Choose a Clip

Your job is to listen to the YouTube clips (yes, I mean listen to all of them), and decide which one is the most interesting and then explain why.

Review the assignment steps:

  1. Listen to the four different YouTube clips
  2. Decide which one is the most interesting and vote for that one
  3. In the comments section of this blog, explain how you decided which clip is the most interesting
  4. Your completed assignment is due: Thursday, December 5, 2013


  1. I went with the hook video, because as a student in high school we have to write lot of essays, so I would learn the most from that video from all of them. Also so my teachers or the reader who is going to read my paper is going to think that the essay is interesting because of the hook. If there is no hook in there beginning how is your reader suppose to know that this essay is interesting!

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  3. I voted for the (grammar crime); its an interesting one I laughed while I was watching it, and it make sense for me; that every thing should has a title, if not it's gonna be a crime. I always look at the title before I read any thing, in magazine, news paper or any thing. so if there is no title I'm not gonna be so happy to read it; to read a whole page to figure what is it talking about. I really enjoyed the video it was so funny. :) areej alkhatib

  4. Hi I am Rana i choose the hook video,because it was the most one I understand and liked it from all the videos.I feel we use the hook in are life in different way. This video remind me of something that all the life take every person go with the hook he likes if its good or bad.

  5. I really liked the grammar crime video; it was so funny, I really liked the way that the guys did it; it has information and at the same time it was so funny. I agree that we must have a title on every thing or it will be a crime.
    Mohammad alkhatib

  6. I vote for How to write a HOOK because its help me how to hook reader to my story.It help me a lot now and in future. Thank you for uploading this video.
    From Bilal......

  7. I voted for the Hook video because, in English class we write a lot of essays. When you write an essay you want to grab the readers attention, you want them to read your essay.

  8. I liked the hook video,because in English class we read a lot of essay. When I read in essay I want to grab the reader attention , I want them to them read your essay.

  9. The first word in the head should be capitalized as should all proper nouns. Most headline words appear in lower-case letters.


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